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Gender-Biasness at Work Against Women And 5 Tips to Deal with the Discrimination

A male-dominant society leads to females being devalued time and again at their homes and workplaces both. Females are judged for their looks, their dressing sense and their age at workplaces. Most women are disqualified from promotions in organizations or are paid less than their male colleagues, or at times even sexually harassed, due to pregnancy-related or gender-based discrimination.

If you are one of those women who is being treated with difference at your workplace because of gender, then you will have to stand up for yourself and act real smart. Some women don’t pay heed to perceptions and show that they least care but sometimes there come situations where a woman has to push-back such advances with a strategy to deal with gender-oriented skeptics and emerge as a winner. At times a legal charge against the employer becomes necessary to help deal with a problem of bigger magnitude. Here we bring forward 5 tips for the working woman to counter and avoid gender-based critics at work!

1.Let Your Work Define You

If being aggressive and too demanding sound like being male characteristics and more caring and warm as female, then you ought to opt for the gender-neutral ones rather. Being assertive and collaborative, effectively communicating and problem-solving to achieve a win-win situation will make you earn the respect of your seniors, subordinates, and peers and put you in a comfortable position in your organization. Your repute will help you gain the trust of your colleagues and not let you be subjected to gender-based biasness.

2.Emphasize Your Value

At times being tough and aggressive are the only ways to deal with certain situations at your workplace. However, this kind of attitude will not be acceptable to many especially to the male ego and you might face resistance. But, it is on you to not let the perception go out as negative. Try and reason with your colleagues about the situation and your capability in dealing with it. Also, let them understand your value-add to the organization and the need of the hour to justify your actions. Your fire-fighting skills will thus be recognized and your demeanor hence accepted.

3.Be Humorous

Humor is an effective technique which comes to your advantage to make you more of an insider and a people’s person. Instead of forming a negative opinion about your colleagues who crack jokes on the existing systems, participating in it will lead you to build quite a rapport in the patriarchal workplace. A female in the male world who has to take decisions and give opinions, the building of a mutual understanding on the terms of humor will give you an edge to make things work your way and of course, lead to harmony.

4.Form a Woman Army

A whole woman army of like-minded strong females can definitely give you more insight into existent problems and common experiences. Suggestions from them can help you build strategies to deal with gender disparity as one strong team or even individually. A woman can always empower and pull up another woman and this is so true at an organizational level. Male intervention can be altogether avoided because you would have your army to depend upon.

5.Polish Your Management Skills

We all learn workplace ethics, conduct and skills to perform from our professional experiences however these can be refreshed, polished and perfected by seeking the right training. Leadership development, subject-based, technological  or behavioral skills, training can be imparted on all of these aspects for better management of situations at work. A well-certified female would definitely deserve growth opportunities rather than being pulled down due to gender-based discrimination.

Gender discrimination is illegal in most of the countries but corporations favoring men than women is a practice all over! While there are laws against such discrimination’s, the fairer sex still face biased behavior even in developed nations to this very day.  Instead of being gender biased companies should become more gender diverse to retain the confidence of talented women force and thus improve their businesses.